The advanced functionality for managing your deposit

What are vTokens?

vTokens functionality is not enabled just yet.
vToken represents your share in total deposit of one asset. Once you've deposited funds into the protocol, you can export your deposit as vToken equivalent if you want to move, trade or exchange your lender position.
vTokens are interest-bearing tokens, meaning its value steadily grows as interest rate is applied to open loans. Being standard Waves tokens, vTokens can be moved and traded across the ecosystem.
vTokens are your "deposit receipts": losing access to vTokens automatically means losing rights to claim your deposit back.

Do I need vTokens?

The short answer is "most likely not". This is an advanced functionality for manipulating your lender position like moving it to another wallet or selling it on the market.

What can I do with vTokens within the protocol?

    vTokens can be used to replenish your deposit
    vTokens can be redeemed for the underlying asset
Last modified 3mo ago