Sometimes things are not as smooth as they could be, and here's what you need to do

Issue: Waves Keeper user login rejected

Go to Waves Keeper -> Settings -> Permission Control -> clear settings for domain

Issue: Desktop UI is frozen

  1. Disable all auto-translators and other potential on-the-fly DOM editors

  2. Allow ALL cookies for and domains(if you're using wx signer)

  3. Disable popup-blocking(at least temporarily).

Issue: Signer Error 1004

Possible reasons: the user is in Incognito mode or has disabled cookies

Issue: Signer Error 1001

You are experiencing issues connecting to default endpoint for waveskeeper). This issue is usually temporary, you can either retry instantly or with a few minutes, of change waves keeper settings to connect to any other waves mainnet node.

Issue: Unable to login, login cancelled, etc

Make sure your browser(mobile or desktop) allows cross-site cookies. On iOS, it might be called "Prevent cross-site tracking" feature that needs to be turned off.

Issue: Brave Browser and signer with seed

Issue: Mobile UI

In rare cases of ui being frozen, no buttons can be pressed. This happens due to signer opening a background window to access cookies instead of just popping up iframe within the interface. The issue is probably related to GC/thread management of mobile operating systems.

1. Open the tabs in your mobile browser and close "invisible" signer tab:

  • Close the invisible waves signer tab, try to access the interface again,

  • Close the tab,

  • Open in a new tab,

  • Open the app in a new tab;

2. Allow ALL cookies for and domains:

  • navigate to Settings -> Site Settings -> Cookies -> Allow cookies

3. Disable popup-blocking(at least temporarily).

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