ⓥ Governance

What you need to know about the revenue distribution model

The two critical ingredients to successful tokenomics are protocol governance and harvesting the results of the decisions made by the voters.

Why lock VIRES?

VIRES locking reflects your commitment to the protocol governance. Therefore, it grants you the ability to make decisions and directly earn your share of the protocol’s income. This share exists in the form of gVires.

What is gVires?

gVires(g is for ‘governance’) is a unit of measure of your commitment to the protocol’s future. The more Vires you lock, the more you are committed; therefore, the more voting power and the larger share of the protocol’s revenue stream you receive.

Deprecation of Vires Staking

Vires staking is not a commitment: users can always unstake and sell their tokens, leaving the community behind the decisions made. Therefore, simply staking doesn’t provide any part of the revenue stream of the protocol.

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